As an AARP member, there are more options available to you than simple car insurance or health insurance policies. In fact, you can purchase a variety of insurance premiums, for the many assets you own.

Car/RV –
With aarp insurance plans, you can insure your vehicle through the Hartford. Not only can you purchase a traditional auto insurance policy, you can insure your valuable antique car as well. RV coverage is available as well. If you drive often, or infrequently, being an aarp member will result in great savings through the Hartford.

Protect your home –
Home owners can also cover their home, as can condo owners. Renter and homeowner policies are available to customers. You can also purchase flood insurance, if you live in regions where high flood and heavy rain conditions are a problem. With the right policy you can protect your home or a property you rent, and the assets in that home.

Health –
Individual health coverage policy options, medicare and medicaid plans are all available to aarp members as well. A fee for service policy is one of the available coverage options. It pays for a portion of the medical service you are receiving. With these policies you can go to any doctor or policy, but pay a higher monthly premium. Managed care policies, where you are part of a “network” of doctors and hospitals are also available. Association policies are also available. For those who belong to different associations, professional communities, or religious organizations, these types of policies can provide you with lower out of pocket insurance policies, for every visit you have to the doctor.  The organization no longer has LTC insurance discounts but there are other good options for that at places like which just did an expose on the AARP long term care insurance plans.

Save with more –
As a current member of aarp and a craftsman, I own a couple different aarp insurance plans. Our family vehicle is covered, for a much lower monthly premium than we previously paid through an independent insurer. Not only do I pay less for protection, my car is fully covered, including tow and roadside assistance, along with professional maintenance and repair discounts. Additionally, I have a health insurance premium through aarp, which allows me to visit any doctor, for a low co pay each visit.

By bundling policies, you can save on the many different types of coverage offered. As an aarp member you receive discounted rates. You can further save on the price per premium, by simply purchasing more than one insurance policy through the network, and bundling different types of insurance policies.